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Origins is an advanced embroidery-stitch design system for Microsoft Windows that has revolutionized the way user design their embroidery stitches.

With Origins, the user can employ desktop computers to quickly finish his designs, high quality designs which a year ago were possible only by using a digitizer or mouse manually. In other words, Origins helps the user to create, edit, calculate, and save designs, automatically.

Once the image or design has been created or imported into Origins, the program can automatically calculate the stitch for your design an ability that places Origins far ahead of its competitors.

Origins provides a new level of creativity for embroidery designs:

  • · Automatic scanner input with image enhancement
  • · Multiple methods of image insertion and editing
  • · Dual views for image processing and stitch generation
  • · Automatic image analysis for stitch type, stitch region generation, and sequencing
  • · Convenient and powerful editing tools
  • · Object based 32 bit design for Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • · Area list for manual sequence change, view, and operation control
  • · True 3D virtual reality viewing
  • · Ability to automatically convert millions of clipart and thousands of fonts into       embroidery stitch
  • · Photo realistic 3D image rendering

Origins is the core system for stitch generation, optional PhotoStitch, FeatureStitch systems should be used to process photos before using Origins.

The minimum system requirements for your computer to run Origins are:

  • · 30MB hard disk space to install Origins
  • · Pentium processor
  • · 32MB of RAM
  • · A monitor and video card capable of displaying 1024x768, 65536 color resolution
  • · A windows-compatible mouse
  • · Microsoft Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

To improve overall Origins performance, you may want to consider upgrading your system hardware, e.g. Pentium II, Pentium PRO processor, 64MB or more for RAM, large screen monitor, etc.
The Origins system is not designed for use on Windows 3.x operating systems.


  • Tools and palettes
    Attention to detail is what brings embroidery designs to life. With the Origins tools and palettes, you can customize any image into your own personal creation.
    Origins is a Windows®-based program that gives you access to the program's tools and colors through easy-to-use pull down menus, hot keys or toolbars.
    You can edit the most minute detail of an image or select the precise shade of color from the entire spectrum of colors. With the editing tools, you can straighten a line, curve a line that is straight, correct a jagged line, split an area in half, dig a hole, fill a hole and much more.
    You are truly only limited by your own creativity.

  • Unlimited Redos and Undos
    Origins knows that creating masterpieces is a process driven by inspiration that doesn't always occur on a fixed schedule. Origins allows for unlimited Redos and Undos in order to give you the freedom to experiment and make changes quickly and easily.
    Origins also features an at-a-glance history pull-down menu that provides a summary of the editing you've done to a particular image. The unlimited Redos and Undos combined with the history pull-down menu allow you to look back at where you've been and can help you get to where you want to go with your design.

  • Printing designs
    With Origins, it's easy to catalog all of the designs you've created. In addition to a color print out of the design, you have a record of the number of stitches, the color changes involved and even a chart showing the stitch sequence of the design. Using the print set-up screen, you can add pertinent information in the notes section to be printed along with the design. For example, you might want to include the date the design was created, the types of threads used or even for whom the design was created.

  • The artwork window
    As you scroll through names of images from a directory, floppy disk or CD, the artwork window displays a preview of each image. No longer do you have to search for an image by name, opening the files that "sound familiar" only to discover you can't find what you are looking for. Now, Origins takes the guesswork out of image selection, because before you even open a file, you can see a preview of the image to verify it is just the one you want. This is just one more way the Origins saves you time and frustration.

  • Images
    All great designs have to start somewhere, and Origins gives you several sources for images.
    You can import an image from clip art, scan in any image from simple line art to a complex four-color image or even pull a graphic image from the Internet. And Origins also gives you the freedom to scan in photographs or download pictures from your digital camera. You also have the option of scanning images from your favorite fabrics.
    Wouldn't embroidering a particular element of your favorite printed skirt onto an otherwise plain shirt, just make the outfit? With Origins you can coordinate anything from clothing to table décor to entire rooms!
    (Always check first with the manufacturer about the copyright regarding reproduction of the design).

  • Photo Stitch
    With Origin's Photo Stitch, you can create one-color and four-color renditions of your favorite photographs. The one-color version produces a shaded effect, while the four-color technique results in a complete coverage of the design. Origin's Photo Stitch gives you yet another avenue to explore. Your creativity combined with Origins provides you with endless options.

  • The IQ Processor™
    Just like your favorite waitress who remembers that you prefer coffee with cream—no sugar; and she remembers that you prefer a booth to a table; the IQ Processor™ remembers your design preferences too.
    Built into every Origins product, the IQ Processor™ learns your preferences and attends to them before you even have to ask. It remembers patterns in the way you edit images and it automatically makes these changes to align new images with your established preferences.
    As unbelievable as it may seem, this software actually starts to think like you – saving you the time of repeating the same editing techniques to every new image you digitize. Although Origins offers an infinite number of stitches and fills, the IQ Processor™ learns your preferences and automatically applies these to your images.
    You can always override the IQ Processor™ for more control when you want to create something that is different than in the past, allowing you the freedom to be as creative as you want to be.
    The IQ Processor™ customizes the Origins software to the user, so after you've spent time with the software, it becomes unique to you – no two versions of Origins are identical after they have been used for some time.

  • Fills and stitches
    Origins allows you to change the embroidery fill in each area of the design. Select Complex Fill, Column Fill, Motif Fill, or Split Fill. You can customize even within each of these fill selections.
    The embroidery design is not complete until you say it is.
    Customize the fill, change the direction, add additional sections, or add outlines. Do as little or as much to the design as you want…it's easy with Origins. Motif Fills and Split Fills can be combined, as well as left separate, and provide even more options to give your embroidery texture and originality.

  • Lettering
    Just as the editing tools help you customize any image, Origins brings the same flexibility to the lettering on your designs. Unlike many other programs that come with a set number of fonts, Origins works with the TrueType™ fonts already installed on your computer — you can even use the symbols available through Wingdings™. This feature of Origins allows you to create embroidery designs using Greek letters, numerical symbols and a variety of other icons.
    Origins converts any TrueType™ font and sets it on any shaped path. Using the manual editing tools, you can create circles, ovals, rectangles, squares or even you own shapes. Changing from a curve to a straight line to stair-step letters is as easy as clicking the mouse. Because each letter can be moved individually, kerning the lettering to your exact specifications is easy — Origins allows you to arrange the lettering in any way you dream up!
    You also have the freedom to change the characteristics of any font by specifying the width and height of each letter. Or customize the fonts by converting them to italics. To produce a lacey effect, use a Split Fill or Complex Fill for the inside of the lettering and finish off the design with a Motif Fill on the borders of the letters.
    One specific feature of Origins is that you have unlimited Redos and Undos in your editing. Therefore, there are no limits to the amount of the editing you can do to a particular image. In fact, unlike many other programs, you can continue to edit the lettering even after stitches are set to it. And just like the artwork window that lets you preview images, Origins offers the added convenience of being able to preview all fonts as well.

    Here are just a few of the lettering possibilities Origins offers:
    - Embroider type with style Satin stitch style
    - Lettering around paths and shapes
    - Changing type direction
    - Creating type outlines
    - Modifying type outlines

  • Accordian and Applique
    Want to add complexity and detail, or depth and dimension to a particular image? It's easy with Origins. Try the accordion and appliqué features and create designs you never dreamed were possible!

    Accordion spacing technique
    Accordion spacing produces a special effect where the spacing goes from tight to loose to show a blended color effect. Choose any fill pattern for the underneath stitches and then select the optional accordion style for the top layer of stitching. The combination effect provides a more textured and shaded look to your embroidery. Accordion stitching is just one more way Origins lets you personalize your embroidery.

    Combine embroidery with applique
    Want a great way to combine embroidery with fabric to customize your designs? It's easy to make appliqué designs from your clip art images with Origins. Just select the area where you want the fabric to be placed, create the borders, delete the fill and you're ready to go. You can even add lettering to further customize your appliquéd designs.

  • Filmstrip
    Origins is the world's most advanced digitizing software available to the home sewing market. In developing the software, the best features of programs designed for the industrial sewing industry, were incorporated into Origins.
    The Filmstrip is one such feature. The Filmstrip gives you a visual representation of each of the steps needed to create a particular design. You can use the Filmstrip to locate the layer of stitching you want to work with, reorganize the steps in the stitch sequence to produce specific results or eliminate any steps that are insignificant to the overall outcome of the design.
    Once you are happy with a particular aspect of your design, you can lock or hide this section of the stitching while you are working in other areas. In doing so, you can focus on the areas of the design that need your attention without inadvertently changing the components you had finished. Of course, Origins gives you the flexibility of relocking or unlocking any segment of the Film Strip in case you wish to make any additional edits to your design.




Download Examples

Download Origins example in .ASD (Origins) format
Download Origins example in .PES (Brother) format
Download Origins example in .DST (Tajima) format
Download Origins example in .EXP (Melco) format
Download Origins example in .HUS (Husqvarna) format


If you are interested - write me on e-mail.

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