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Compucon EOS
Barudan Punchant
Wilcom Sirius ES
Pulse Signature
Tajima DG/ML
APS Ethos
Brother BE-100

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EOS Embroidery Operating System has been developed using the most advanced software tools and techniques. It is an integrated punching and editing system, fundamentally strong, reliable and complete. It forms the core platform that contains the essential technology for guiding the embroidery work at each stage, always ensuring increased quality results.
EOS Embroidery Operating System is available in different levels to cater for the varying, non-standardised needs of embroiders. It is designed to fit the needs of any user; from the very beginner to the most experienced



   Our Creator digitizing has more to offer that most others higher priced packages. Compucons excellent stitch generator creates designs that run faster and with fewer thread breaks than other systems. This feature alone makes EOS superior to the competition. But consider the advanced features that come standard with our entry level digitizing system.


4 different creation methods.
Complex fill with holes
Create running stitches and  satin lines.
Unique Stitch Types including Wave, Angle and Random Effects.
Automatic underlay
Lettering Package with 50 Font Styles
Automatic Pull Compensation.
Converts expanded designs to condensed designs for even greater flexibility.
Stitch Processor-
Compensates density of expanded designs while resizing


Embroidery Simulator- Displays your designs as they would actually appear.
-Automatically create a single color or 4 color design from photographs or images.
Full Lettering
-Add the entire lettering package with over 100 font styles.
Auto Punch
-Converts simple scanned images and clipart to embroidery designs.
Hyper Font
- Converts virtually any True Type Font to an embroidery font.

Creator Advanced

   EOS Creator Advanced  offers greater flexibility tin creation of designs . Advanced gives you the tools you need to be creative and productive. Variable density control allows you to easily create multi-color blended fills. Our full lettering package with over 100 font styles will allow you to quickly set text to a logo. Automatic Circles, Appliqu?s, and editing of multiple blocks drastically reduces the time to create and edit complex designs. Unique Stitch types and lettering frames give your embroidery a custom look.


5different creation methods.
Smart Edges
Automatic Applique.
Filters to add perspective
Variable Density Fill.
25 Compucon Special Fill Patterns.
35 Special Stiches -
Low Density Fills and Run Stitches
Perspective Filters.
Automatically Modify Stitch Types or Parameters of Multiple Blocks.
Unique Stitch Types including Wave, Angle and Random Effects.
Create Cross Stitch Designs.
Stitch Processor-
Compensates density of expanded designs while resizing


Embroidery Simulator- Displays your designs as they would actually appear.
Automatically create a single color or 4 color design from photographs or images.
Auto Punch-
Converts simple scanned images and clipart to embroidery designs.
Hyper Font-
Converts virtually any True Type Font to an embroidery font.

Creator Professional

   If you are a professional digitizer or just someone who needs to create a lot of designs fast, EOS Professional cannot be beat. This system has it all. Auto Punch quickly creates simple logos; Magic Wand automatically defines blocks; Continuous fill creates multi branch blocks. Create your own Keyboard fonts or fonts for other users. Create Pattern fills, Special Stitch fills and Elastic Fills, Photo Stitch Fills, curved fills, the list goes on. If you can dream it, EOS Professional can make it.


Continuous Fill for Branches, Lines and Inclinated Outlines.
Magic Wand automatically defines blocks.
Create Compucon Font Styles.
Create Compucon Special Fill Patterns.
PhotoStitch and Color PhotoStitch.
Curved Step to create perspective and dimension.
AutoPunch converts simple scanned images and clipart to embroidery designs.
Quickly create samples or estimate stitch counts.
Hyper Font quickly converts most True Type font styles to embroidery fonts.


Stitch Processor-Compensates density of expanded designs while resizing.



Read/Write - machine disk formats.
Special Functions - Menu of machine codes.
Move to First Point - Returns to origin.
Multiple Undo/Redo - Reverses previous operations.
Delete Last - Deletes blocks or stitches in reverse sequence.
Snap - Snap mouse movements in 45 degree increments.
Stitch Points - Displays needle penetrations in normal or bold.
Realistic Mode - View design on screen in simulated stitches.
Assistant - Automatically specifies parameters as related to different fabrics.
Zoom - Any magnification (in or out or actual size).
Ruler - Measure in metric or inch.
On Screen Rulers - Display guides in metric or inches.
Stitch Colors - Change thread colors or background, match to specific thread manufacturer.
Redraw Parameters - Show codes, appliqués, etc.
Grid - Displays grid of points or lines on screen.
Multi-Design Interface - Hold several open designs.
Help Files and Self-running Tutorial
Database - Design archiving and retrieval.
Clean Up - Eliminates small stitches in design.
Library - Condensed stock designs.
Read CDs in Library Format
Info Card - Updates vital design statistics.
Hoop Files - Preview design with on-screen hoop.
Automatic Lock Stitches (tie in /tie off).
Print Design
Print Catalog

Creation Methods

Lines (Running and Satin Border)
Manual Step Mode (Manual Stitches)
Branches (Reference Line Fill)
Outline with Multi-direction
Complex Fill with Empty and Satin Holes
Geometric Shapes Tool - Automatically creates geometric shapes.
Circle Tool - Automatically creates circular shapes.
Smart Edges - Automatically trace a color outline.
Branches (Continuous Fill)
Outline with Multi-direction (Continuous Fill)
Lines (Running and Satin Border-Continuous Fill)
Magic Wand - Automatically defines blocks.

Digitizing Features

Output as WMF - Save design file as image file.
Custom Parameters - User-defined defaults for fabrics, etc.
Automatic Underlay - 3 Types.
Automatic Pull Compensation
Insert - Digitize new blocks or codes between existing blocks.
Auto Stitch Shortening - Automatically adjusts running stitch length to accommodate small areas.
Create automatic double or triple pass run stitches
Auto Outline - Creates Satin or Running Stitches around specified blocks.
Auto Inserts - Adjust stitches to regulate density on curves.
Appliqué - Create appliqué cut file in PLT or WMF.
Chenille - Create chenille designs.
Auto Appliqué - Automatically create complete appliqué files, including choice of hold down and top stitch.
Variable Density Fill - Graduated density control for Complex Fill.
Filters - Apply perspective distortions to blocks.
Filters - Apply 3-dimensional appearance to blocks.
Create keyboard lettering font styles.
Curved Step - Apply special curved fill parameters.
Create Pattern Fills, Special Stitch Motifs, and Lock Stitches.

Editing Features 

Dimension - Alters design incrementally or by percentage.
Scale Condensed - Change size of DOS condensed designs. 
Center Design - Centers design around a specific point. 
Stitch Edit - Insert, delete, or move stitches. 
Controlled Redraw - Redraw design by color, block or stitch. 
Stitch Type - Change the stitch type in condensed blocks. 
Paste Design - Paste a design into the active design. 
Copy - Copies the selected block(s) or area. 
Paste - Pastes copied block(s) into current design. 
Duplicate - Copies selected area and pastes into active screen. 
Move - Move, rotate or resize selected stitches and blocks. 
Reorder - Change the sewing sequence of the design. 
Delete - Deletes selected stitches or blocks. 
Block Edit - Change the stitch type, parameters, reshape, etc. 
Repeat design or pasted block and rotate or resize. 
Outline - Defines blocks of stitches by color selection. 
Rectangle, Outline or Sequence Mode -Copies, moves, deletes, etc. entire blocks of stitches. 
Select - Multiple points for editing. 
Modify Type/Density/Parameters - Edit for multiple blocks.


Internet Access - Send as e-mail, direct access to Compucon Web Site, download fonts and updates. 
Format Floppy - Formats floppies for all major machine types.
Read/Write Machine disks for all major machine formats. 
Read Melco DOS condensed 
Macro Editor - Custom parameters to suit technical specifications of embroidery machines. 
Save As - Most DOS compatible formats to hard disk. 
Output to Machine - Connects to major machine types. 
Read Tape - Reads from most tape devices. Additional hardware required for some devices.

Lettering Capabilities

Full Lettering - Includes 30 lettering frames, 100+ fonts and ability to create true type fonts with complex fill. 

Scanner/Image Capabilities

Twain Scanner - Activates the scanner from TES.
Show/Hide Image - Hides or shows the scanned image.
AutoScroll - Image automatically scrolls while digitizing.
Pan Image - Pan to another area at the current zoom level.
Punch from BMP, TIFF, PCX, JPG, PCD, TGA and PSD
Punch From Vector Formats WMF
Punch from Corel Draw and EPS files
BMP Drawing package
Vector Drawing Package

Stitch Types 

Satin; Side Random Satin; Random Satin; Step Satin 
Column Stitches 
Normal Run Stitch 
Step 1:1; Step 1:2; Step 1:3 
Special Step 
Step 2, 3, 5 Run Stitches 
Return Run Stitch 
Return Run Stitch with Offset 
Random Step Stitch 
Chenille Lattice Fill; Chenille Spiral Fill
Step Angle
Step Groups
Step Sine Wave; Step Half Wave
Random Step
Longitudinal 1/1
Longitudinal Satin
Longitudinal Random
Free Step
Side Random Step 
Random Step 
Chenille Running Spiral Stitch 
Cross Stitch 
Elastic Stitches (Pattern Satins); Lines Décor (Pattern Fills) 
Special Stitches (Low Density Fills and Run Stitches) 
Bitmap Step 
Photo Stitch: B/W or Color 
Curved Step


Stitches to Blocks - Converts expanded designs to condensed format. 
Stitch Processing -Adjusts stitch count when resizing expanded designs. 
Full Lettering
Embroidery Simulator - Displays and prints realistic 3D images. 
HyperFont - Automatically creates keyboard fonts from TTF. 
PhotoStitch - Create B/W or Color designs from photographs. 
AutoPunch -Automatically create designs from camera-ready artwork or clip art. 



Download Examples

Download Compucon EOS example in .REF (Compucon EOS) format
Download Compucon EOS example in .CND (Melco) format
Download Compucon EOS example in .DST (Tajima) format
Download Compucon EOS example in .XXX (Compucon) format


If you are interested - write me on e-mail.

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